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Light Of The World Missions

       Light of the World Missions (hereinafter referred to as “LOWM”) is a nonprofit eleemosynary corporation registered in the State of Hawaii and fully qualified as a tax exempt organization pursuant to IRS §501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States of America.

    LOWM is an independent Pentecostal-type church with its main office and church in Honolulu, Hawaii and other associated and subsidiary churches in the Philippines.  See its Statement of Faith elsewhere in this site.  Its senior pastor is Richard B. W. Ing and its associate pastors are Ronald Okawa and Mauro Goze.

LOWM’s address in Hawaii is:  P.O. Box 37451, Honolulu, Hawaii 96837

Our phone number is: (808) 845-4162. 

Our fax number is: (808) 845-4163

Our e-mail addresses are: 

(1) lotwmiss@pixi.com

(2) pastor.richard@lightoftheworldmissions.com.