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What We Do

Teaching the Army of God

In 1985, Pastor Richard Ing received an open vision from God in which he saw himself standing behind a podium and teaching an army of soldiers in combat uniform.  He heard a voice saying, “Son, I want you to teach my army!”  Since then, he has written five books relating to spiritual warfare and deliverance, including a National Bestseller entitled Spiritual Warfare.

Pastor Ing has given many seminars on spiritual warfare, deliverance and inner healing multiple times in Fiji, Vanuatu, Singapore, Sarawak, Philippines, Hong Kong, Mainland China, India, Hawaii, Switzerland, Bulgaria and the Mainland USA.  At some of his meetings, people report seeing angels and white horses.

Light of the World Missions believes that God is raising up an army of overcomers for the end times.

Sparking a Revival and Uniting Churches

In 1988, Prophet Frank Hultgren, the official chaplain to the faculty of Oral Roberts University prophesied that LOWM would spark a revival and unite the churches.  When he returned in 1999, he confirmed the prophecy. 

In 1998, while teaching at a Bible college in Lal-lo, Cagayan, Philippines, Pastor Ing asked the students to come up front so he could baptize them in the Holy Spirit.  When he laid his hands on the two girls to his right, all sixteen students fell to the ground at once.  At the same time, one of his team members received a vision of a huge rice field that stretched out as far as the eyes could see.  The stalks were still green, but so laden with rice that they almost touched the ground.  When she looked closely, the grains of rice turned into people dressed in white robes.  Suddenly, a huge angel appeared and announced that a revival was coming to the northern provinces of the Philippines.  Many angels were seen flying under the high ceiling.  Pastor Ing later found that prophet Morris Cerullo had prophesied that the worldwide revival would start in the Philippines.  He claimed that many other prophets also said the same thing.  James Horvath of America had a vision of the map of the Philippines.  A red ball bounced north to south, east to west, igniting fires all over the place until the entire country was engulfed in fires of revival.  He travels yearly to the Philippines to conduct large crusade meetings.  Cindy Jacobs also prophesied revival in the Philippines.

When Pastor Ing returned in early 2001, the angel was still standing there.  His wife and three other ladies saw the angel.  This time, he was flanked by two angels on each side.

Mission Work in the Philippines

As a response to God’s revelation about revival, LOWM built a mission house in Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines in 2000 and registered its sister organization, Light of the World Mission – Philippines (LOWMP).  The address of LOWMP is 11 Lt., Blk 2, Chrysanthemum St., Rosaflor Subdiv., Tagapo, Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines.  Its phone number is (049) 837-7320.  Pastors Eric and Joyce Rivera are the administrative heads.

In 2002, LOWM completed construction of a Sanctuary and a Bible College with men’s and women’s dormitories, classrooms and offices.  In early 2005, they completed construction of a Vocational Training Center in Santa Rosa.  In 2006, LOWM completed construction of another Vocational Training Center in Pulo, Binan.

Crusade Meetings

LOWM has conducted many crusade meetings in the provinces and other remote areas.  Thousands have come to Jesus Christ because of these meetings.  They continue to give small crusade meetings in areas seldom visited by missionaries.  These meetings range from 100 to 3,500 attendees.  As part of their two-year Bible College training, LOWMP (Light of the World Mission - Philippines) requires that all of their students participate in crusade meetings and give Bible studies and services to the community.

LOWM has trained many young people to give crusade meetings all over the Philippines, from Ilocos Norte up north to Davao, Gen San and Digos City in Mindanao down south.  They work with local churches in each area and help them grow.  They also give financial support wherever they can.

Planting Churches

Starting from 2005, LOWM has started planting churches all over the main island of Luzon.  They now operate ten churches on the island of Luzon (In Tuguegarao, Mallig, San Guillermo, Pulo, Santa Rosa, Cavite, Don Jose, Cabayao and La Union.)  They are able to open many more churches but are stymied by the lack of funds.

House Churches

In 2000, while riding a taxi cab up the mountain to Baguio city on a Sunday morning, God spoke to Pastor Ing in a voice.  He said, “I want my church back!”  At first, Pastor Ing thought that God wanted him to resign, but God began to speak directly into Pastor Ing’s spirit.  He said, “Mankind has taken my church and changed it into man’s church.” 

Pastor Ing began to do research on the early church.  He found that for the first three hundred and twenty-five years, there were no church buildings.  None of the 20,000 documents written during the first three hundred and twenty-five years (and discovered by archaeologists and historians) ever mentioned a church building, although mention of house churches were frequent.  The early church met in houses.  There was no elite priesthood and the Holy Spirit moved strongly.  All of Asia heard the gospel within two years.

House churches not only resisted intense persecution, they also made revival possible.  Almost any house could be used as a church.  There was no need for musical instruments, equipment or a stage.  Between meetings, the living room became a living room again.  Shepherds did not need a college degree.

The modern example is mainland China, where house churches prospered in the midst of great persecution.  Today, there are over 100 million born-again Christians in mainland China.

The house church movement is growing today, especially in China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Middle East and other Third World Countries.

Pastor Ing wrote a manual on How to Establish House Churches for the end times.  It is available on the download page.

Partnership Program

LOWM and LOWMP depend solely on donations to run its programs in the Philippines.  God revealed to Pastor Ing the need to join American Christians with needy laborers in the Philippines.  In 2 Corinthians 8:1-15, the apostle Paul spoke about how the saints in Corinth generously donated support to the needy saints in Macedonia.  Paul pointed out that such donations had to come from a willing heart and were not meant to make the Corinthians overly burdened while the Macedonians were eased.  In 2 Corinthians 8:13-14, the apostle says, “For I mean not that other men be eased, and ye burdened.  But by an equality, that now at this time your abundance may be a supply for their want, that their abundance also may be a supply for your want: that there may be equality.”  

What is the abundance of American Christians?  It is wealth - money and possessions.  What is the need of brethren in the Philippines and other Third World countries?  It is money to save souls. 

What is the abundance of the brethren in the Philippines?  It is souls.  What is the need of American Christians?  It is souls. 

All of us will stand one day in front of the Lord and be judged.  What have we done with the abundance that God gave us?  How many souls have we brought into the kingdom of God?

By partnering up with a missionary, a pastor, a church, a student or other laborer in the Philippines, we will get credit for all the souls won in the Philippines by the ones we sponsor.  Please see Partnership Program elsewhere in this website.