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The Perfect Church and Pastor



Some Christians hop from church to church looking for the perfect pastor and congregation. They will never find them, at least not what they need.  Pray that God will put you in the church and under the pastor God wants for you.  He will most probably send you to an imperfect pastor and church to test your heart.  If you find a big, prosperous and popular church with a talented speaker of a pastor, you will learn almost nothing worthwhile spiritually.  You may be entertained and feel good, but never grow into the image of Jesus Christ.  Ro. 8:29.

I once had a friend who was a captain in the U.S. military.  When he was stationed in a large city in the Midwest, he attended a large church of about five thousand people.  The pastor was a great motivational speaker and he enjoyed going to services.  Then, he was sent to the Middle East for six months on temporary duty.  When he returned, he went back to his familiar church.  Much to his surprise, no one in the church even knew that he had been gone.  On his next assignment, he found himself in a small, struggling church with an inexperienced pastor.  During the next two years, he worked hard helping the pastor and church, and there were many problems.  When he left, the church had doubled in size and his spiritual experiences with God were many.  God had put him in a small, struggling church to test his patience, faith and trust in God.  He learned to become a servant.  When he came to Hawaii, his last tour of duty, he took early retirement and became a pastor.  Now, he was ready. 

Throughout the years, I have learned that the greatest times of spiritual growth I ever experienced in life was during turbulent and frustrating years trying my best to help a struggling church and pastor.  Despite the many problems, I never entertained the thought of leaving and finding another church.  I just supported the church harder, attended more meetings, volunteered for more tasks and forgave more.  In the process, I learned to forgive, love and serve God’s people with all my heart.  God put me in a perfect church.

Never complain or criticize your pastor and leaders.  When you find something lacking, fill the need.  Be loyal, loving and supportive.  Be a servant.  After all, your pastor is God’s delegated authority.  Don’t expect recognition, fame or admiration.  Just serve out of love for God and church.

Pray that God will put you in the church that God wants for you and then love, support, serve and be a blessing to your church and pastors.  God put you there for a purpose and He has a plan for you.  That imperfect church is your testing ground.  Trust God.

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