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TEMPLES OF THE ENEMY.  Evil spirits love to be worshiped.  It gives them power and in some cases these spirits will build strongholds in the person’s body by putting a spiritual altar or temple there.  The apostle Paul says that our body is the temple of God.  Satan counterfeits God by building temples of worship to devils in a person, weird as it may seem.  At times as we are praying to cast out devils from a person, we have had visions of an altar or a temple to a strange god. 

In one case I handled, a woman from New York took a college class in Hawaiiana or Hawaiian Studies and the professor required that the students spend a night (up to twelve midnight, or so) in a Hawaiian heiau, or temple enclosure.  The students and teacher brought along video cameras and tape recorders in an attempt to record Hawaiian ghosts or spirits haunting or dwelling in the heiau.  The woman saw and heard nothing, but remembered lying upon and falling sound asleep on a flat slab of rock. 

Soon thereafter, the woman began suffering from physical ailments of mysterious origins that her doctors could not medically explain.  During a deliverance session over her, the Holy Spirit showed me that Hawaiian spirits had built a Hawaiian temple (heiau) in her body (spiritually, of course), with a flat slab of rock.  Ancient Hawaiian religion practiced human sacrifice to Ku, their god (akua) of war.  When I demanded that they give their names, they gave me Hawaiian names.  We prayed to destroy the altar and temple and tear down the walls of stone.  The demons went berserk and screamed obscenities as we smashed the walls and other items in the temple.  Meanwhile, a foul odor of rotting flesh filled the room.  They left.

In another case, a Japanese woman was having spiritual problems involving her husband and family.  As we prayed for her, I saw a Shinto temple and an altar with a wooden name plates containing names written in Japanese.  It looked like a well-known Shinto temple located in our city.  When we inquired, she informed us that her mother had dedicated her to the Shinto gods and as was the custom, had her Japanese name written on a wooden stick and placed on the altar in the temple.  We prayed to destroy the Shinto temple and altar, and burn the wooden stick with her name on it.  We also broke every vow and dedication made to Shinto gods by her mother.  The demons left.

We experienced the same phenomenon with a number of former Buddhists or where the family were Buddhists and dedicated their children to Buddhist deities.  We sometimes see spiritual temples, prayer altars and boxes, scrolls, incense burners, bowls and other Buddhist paraphernalia in their body.  When we pray to destroy these things, demons scream and come out.  In one such case, a woman claimed that anger and hatred demons were tormenting her.  As we prayed, the woman assumed a meditation posture called the lotus position.  The Holy Spirit revealed that the woman had practiced Buddhism at one time in her life and an altar and “sacred scroll” existed in her body, in the spirit realm.  As we destroyed the altar and scroll, the demons screamed, “No!  No!”  They left.

We have come across spiritual temples to the Chinese goddess of mercy, Kwan Yin, and to the patron god of Chinese restaurants, Kwan Dai Gung, and other so-called deities from strange religions. 

As said previously, demons love to be worshiped.  They have an amazing ability to weave myths and legends which encourage foolish humans to worship demons.  Greek, Roman, Chinese, Japanese, and just about every culture have its own religion that worships demons.  Evil spirits masquerade as benevolent deities that bring good fortune or protect their worshipers.  Truth be told, they lead to sickness and death. 

 Whether or not temples and altars can be spiritually built in the human body may be a matter of conjecture.  All we know is that the Holy Spirit often shows us temples, altars, scrolls and other items used to worship demon-gods and evil spirits scream and come out as we pray to destroy any temple, altar or object of worship to these demos.  At the very least, if and when the Holy Spirit gives you a vision of a temple or object of worship to strange gods, you will be able to discern or have the knowledge to proceed to destroy it.

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