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Read on MSNBC's internet news today of a rash of fatal anorexia nervosa cases, despite medical and psychological help.  Anorexia is often the result of lying spirits that control the mind.  Years ago in Eastern Malaysia, I was asked to pray for a girl of 12 with anorexia.  When I entered the room, she was lying on the floor, head on mother's lap.  For two years, she could only suck milk soaked in bread.  She looked like a holocaust victim with sunken face, hollow eyes, prominent elbows and knees, and her hair was light brown, although she was Chinese.  Doctors gave her only a few months to live. 

When she was two, her father was forced to work in Indonesia and her parents could not afford to raise her with three other children, so her maternal grandmother took her in.  I prayed and asked God to show her what happened that made her not want to eat.  Instantly, she saw herself in grandmother's kitchen eating.  Her grandmother was talking to her.  "What did she say?" I asked.  She replied, "You fat pig!  You eat too much.  That's why your parents dumped you on me!"  She was four years old. 

At ten, her parents took her home.  I asked, "What did the devil tell you?"  She answered, "If my parents ever take me back, I won’t eat.  Otherwise, they will throw me out again."  "That's a lie!  Your parents didn't have money and your grandmother volunteered to take you in.  They love you.  They didn't abandon you."  We prayed together and renounced the lies of the devil, and spoke forgiveness and love.  I had her parents tell her that she can eat as much as she wanted and they would never abandon her.  I commanded the lying spirits to leave in Jesus' name.  When I returned from class an hour later, she was in the dining hall eating for the first time in two years.  A year later, she and her parents reported that their daughter was filled with energy and would sometimes be sweeping the floor at one in the morning.  She could eat anything except chicken. 

I prayed for the young girl once more.  It turned that when she was in the kitchen talking to her grandmother, she was eating chicken at the time.  I prayed with her and affirmed that she could eat chicken any time and her parents would not leave her.  Before I left a few days later, her parents confirmed that she was now eating chicken again. 

When I returned two years later, a tall, beautiful girl was waving to me.  The pastor’s wife said to me, “Remember her?  She’s the one who had anorexia.”  She was a picture of good health.  God’s name be praised forever!

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